About Bitmanic

I created Bitmanic as an informal alter ego back in 2009; I wanted to group all of my fun side projects together under one entity. And so, Bitmanic became a thing. After spending three years as an entry-level web designer and budding developer, I quit my job in July, 2010, and turned Bitmanic into something far more serious—a living, breathing company.

With full control over my work, I began working with some of the smartest and most creative people I've ever met. I haven't looked back ever since. Today, Bitmanic focuses on providing pristine front-end code and web design to two very different clientele—small businesses, and large design/development firms.

I manage an ever-growing roster of client projects for creatives and scrappy small business folk. These projects allow me to experiment with different techniques and hone my craft, while also providing my clients with effective platforms for promoting all of the great things that they do.

I also spend a fair amount of time as a contractor for other firms; It's not uncommon for me to provide design files for a development company one month, and then provide front-end code to a design firm the next. I love being able to exercise both sides of my brain in order to better marry form and function in all that I do. That's what Bitmanic is all about.

About Ray

The name's Ray, but you knew that already. I'm a 32-year-old dude currently living in Grand Rapids, MI. I've been coding and designing for the web professionally since 2006, with a focus on front-end code for Rails apps, PHP-based content management systems (like ExpressionEngine), and clean, simple, responsive design.

Lately, I've been tinkering with Middleman, Yaml data structures, and boatloads of Sass, Compass, and Haml. I recently created a Sass rem mixin for using rems as a unit of measure, not that I use it much. I've also been digging pretty hard on responsive/adaptive design techniques, and I love exploring these design approaches as they're being built out and improved daily.

When I'm not staring at glowing rectangles, I'm most likely outside on my bike, drinking some of Michigan's finest beers, or cooking some good eats in the kitchen. I spend every Tuesday night riding bikes with Central District, every Friday morning drinking coffee with friends, and every Sunday night getting a head start on the week ahead of me.

Things I'd like to conquer at some point in the future: bike over 100 200 miles in a day; become a bee keeper; learn Backbone or Ember or any of those fancy JS tools, really; get better at teaching; get better at learning.